Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Newsletter: April Wrap UP & Featured Families

You are probably wondering if something happened....well not really. I am moving to doing a blog post once a month to wrap up the current month and announce new things for the coming month. So you are up to speed on the house keeping issues, we can get to it. :)

April was a busy month. Spring seemed to be right around the corner every day and has still not seemed to completely have reached us. However, there were still lots of families, newborns, expecting moms, couples and a few professionals that were interested in budding no matter what! I was very fortunate to have met lots of great people and families and capture little moments in time for them to cherish for years to come.
Here is a look back on the month of April:

April's big spot light was April Showers for ladies of all ages. May's big spot light is May Flowers for ladies of all ages. Moms, daughters, sisters, cousins, best friends. It's a great time to do something great for mom, your sister or your best friend. Lots of flowers will be blooming everywhere - choose a garden for your session or just you & your ladies! A mini session during the month of May is a great way to show all the ladies that are near and dear to your heart some love.

Show the ladies you love how much you love them with a mini session & Photo Collage in May. 
Great for Mother's Day! 

Wishing you all a great week and a wonderful weekend and fantastic month! See you next month! :)